Dorine Kok

My name is Dorine and I live in the countryside of the South West of France. Painting has not always been in my life. Even worse; I did not have any ambition at all and thought I was not creative at all. Only later I learned that everybody is or can be creative when the right buttons are pushed. My ambition was more fysical. So I danced at lot since childhood and became a movement therapist. Improvising and expression were themes I liked to work with. Not realising that this is also creative. Everybody is entitled to have some blind spots I suppose.
A dance friend who was happy to have rediscovered dancing and expressing again with me,  and an artist herself, invited me to come and learn to paint. She prepared me a huge white paper and said: “Just start!” And after some indecisive time she suggested I would just make a background and see what would happen from there. And that is really how it started. Having fun with colours and shapes. Nothing is wrong, everything is okay and sometimes, when I am lucky, or when I open my eyes for it, something interesting happens. My friend would then make a 2 cm2 opening between her fingers and say: that is just marvelous!
Although I have evolved ever since, the basics for me are still the same. I have no idea what will happen when I start. I just mix colours and hope for the best. Sometimes with anger, sometimes with fear and luckily mostly with pleasure.
Often I am still surprised when something interesting happens. And still I think it is a lucky strike but that is my insecurity speaking. Cause all my work comes from trial and error, from exploring, improvising and expressing. The way to the painting is in the end more important than the outcome.
So unfortunately, I cannot show you the way I have been struggling through the paintings or the joy I had whilst doing it but I can show you the less important outcome. I hope it is enough too. Have fun!


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